Eagle Nest

           Eagle Nest is a community which focuses on enabling all the Entrepreneurs to Share, Engage, Unite and Communicate their ideas. It helps them in Networking which contributes to their Business Growth as well as their Own Personal Growth. The Eagle Nest community is based on the real concept where the Mother Eagle,expecting her Young Ones prepares a large nest high on the edge of a Cliff. When the Baby Eagles hatch and start getting comfortable in the nest, the mother eagle removes a small part of the nest each day until, finally, the Nest becomes unbearable. She does this deliberately, knowing that unless she forces her little ones out of their comfort zone, theyʼll never take that leap of faith. Finally when the Baby Eagles  find it hard to stay in the nest, they begin to fly without fear for the first time and from that moment on thereʼs no holding back because theyʼve learnt the skills.This applies to ourCcommunity where we believe that the success of a Young Entrepreneur lies in the hands of the mentor in how he is moulding his Fellow Students. We assure to render our guidance in shaping your skills and give you the practical experience of the Business World so that once you enter inside, thereʼs no holding back.

Mentor Panel

Thameesh Kumar Muthukumaran

Sales /Customer Management Coach

Mohesh Arulraj

Digital Marketing Coach/Instagram Marketing Expert

Vignesh Gopinath 

Entrepreneurship Coach / Business Advisor